Farm.Lab: Permaculture 2.0

1 month length

Lodging, Organic Food and Mentoring Included

Be part of the maintenance and amplification of a Permacutlure System

One-to-one coaching to help in your life transition or development of your sustainable/social business

Certificate of Advanced Permaculture issued by Instituto Pindorama

Pedagogic Approach of Farm.Lab

Specialization and Immersion Program in Permaculture and Modeling of Sustainable Business: Farm.Lab

Farm.Lab is a program aimed at innovation and creativity.The immersive format is designed and directed to people who already have some training, study and theoretical research in the area of ​​permaculture and sustainable design and who wish to deepen their experience and practical experience in the implementation of a permacultural system in rural area or in the modeling of business and prototyping of products based on the principles of ecodesign.

The program is an opportunity for people who want to live in an ecological and self sufficient way, to experience the daily challenges of co-creation with nature, collective doing and sustainable self-management.
The proposal is to use the facilities and spaces of the Instituto Pindorama, as Laboratory of creation and testing of solutions aimed at permaculture and its related areas.
Farm.Lab. is a program inspired by MIT’s Fab.Lab model, however, geared towards making rural, sustainable business and integrated life and in favor of the environment.
Farm.Lab is the junction of several concepts in one: “Maker” culture, incubation, startup, self sufficiency, permaculture, hacking, innovation, creativity, etc.


The Pedagogical proposal is based on the permaculture flower, where each one of the seven petals is a field of knowledge and experimentation for the accomplishment of the activities of the Farm Lab.
Each petal will be guided by a professional with ample experience of skill and knowledge of the area.
This Guiding Professional will transmit in a weekly meeting information and knowledge to perform the daily tasks related to the implementation and maintenance of the system where the participants will be immersed, as well as in the training to carry out the personal projects of each one during the permanence in the program.

Participants will also have a facilitator who will accompany the group daily in the execution of their tasks, in the counseling and mediation of the execution of the program in the day to day.

At the end of the program, each student will have completed their personal canvas to accomplish their project, while at the same time immersing in activities to maintain a system, obtains an advanced certification in Permaculture.

Total duration: 1 month
Daily Dedication: 5 hours
Weekly Load: 25 hours
Two days free for rest and personal activities
Included: Accommodation, food, tutoring and mentoring.
Number of Students per group: 10 to 15
Date of Immersion: November 2019
Investment: US$ 1.900,00 paid by Paypal, Payoneer or Wire Transfer